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OIT Classroom Technologies helps to manage a variety of general assignment classrooms containing installed equipment.  The different styles of rooms are described briefly below, along with links to the room lists, equipment information, and policies for each.

For the most complete information on ALL general assignment classrooms, visit our Classroom Info & Pictures page.

General Assignment Classrooms (GACs)

General assignment classrooms do not belong to any specific school or department, and while a department may have priority in a certain room, anybody can reserve these spaces for a class or event. Reservations are made through the University Registrar in consultation with a departmental schedule of classes coordinator, or through Student Center & Event Services.

There are currently 129 general assignment classrooms on campus. Of these, only 2 rooms are not considered SmartClassrooms, and therefore do not have any installed technology maintained by OIT CT. These rooms are:

Classroom scheduling policies:
University Registrar
Student Center & Event Services

Smart Classrooms
Phone: (949) 824-8833
Email: smartclassrooms@uci.edu
In-Quarter Support Hours: M-Th 7:30am-8pm, Fri 7:30am-6pm

Classroom Info & Pictures
SmartClassroom Policies
SmartClassrooms List
All Classroom Details (pdf)
Powerpoint Presentation - overview of classroom equipment and operation

As of Fall Quarter 2016, there are 127 SmartClassrooms on campus.  The rooms are all designed as “do-it-yourself” classrooms containing commonly used equipment and resources, all of which are controlled by a touchpanel on the lectern.

SmartClassrooms generally have an instructor station containing a PC and monitor, USB microphone (for use with UCI Replay), i>clicker base station, laptop audio/video/network cables, a Blu-ray deck, and auxiliary RCA inputs for audio & video.  There is a ceiling-mounted data projector, wall speakers, an overhead transparency projector on a cart, and an on-campus phone that can be used for room assistance. Most classrooms over 50 seats also have a document camera and a gooseneck microphone located on the lectern.

Eleven large SmartClassrooms are classified as Smart Lecture Halls.  These have all the features of the smaller classrooms, but additionally contain wireless microphones, a document camera, and a Wacom writing tablet among other features. Our four newest lecture halls contain multiple projectors, and have the ability to project a large centered image or two images side-by-side.

SE 101 is a new Active Learning Classroom (ALC) that opened for Winter Quarter 2016 classes. The room is specially designed for group work and utilization of active learning techniques, as there is no "front" of this octagon-shaped room. SE 101 contains 7 student tables, each with its own display and wireless projection capabilities, as well as an instructor station holding a variety of more standard SmartClassroom equipment.

VHS Tape Usage in Campus Classrooms
As of Fall 2016, SmartClassrooms no longer contain VHS/DVD decks by default. While they were phased out of the standard equipment list in classrooms beginning in 2012, VHS tapes can still be temporarily accommodated in any room.

VHS decks may be picked up for loan from the OIT CT office, your department, or support centers such as the Humanities Studio or Social Science Computing Services, and connected to the RCA inputs on the side of the SmartClassroom lectern. For the long term, we recommend that materials currently on VHS tape should be re-purchased in digital format as available, or converted to digital format where copyright allows. For assistance and information, please contact your subject librarian, your school computing support staff, or OIT CT staff.

Complete information on VHS usage in the classrooms is available here:
VHS Usage Information

OIT Computer Labs
OIT Phone: (949) 824-2222
CT Phone: (949) 824-8833

OIT manages a large number of computer labs around campus, and several of these now contain SmartClassroom technology.  OIT CT helps to maintain the equipment in these rooms, while OIT Instructional Labs Support is responsible for the computers, scheduling, and all administrative aspects of the labs.  For additional information, click on the links below or the general link above.

These OIT training labs are dedicated to faculty and staff training.  Priority is given to OIT, the Department of Undergraduate Education (DUE), and Program in Public Health (PPH) events, but they are available for other faculty and staff training on campus.

These OIT instructional labs are primarily reserved for class use. When no class is being held, they are available for drop-in use.


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