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Links for more Doceri information:


Doceri YouTube Channel

What is Doceri?

Doceri is an app available for iPad or Windows 8 tablets (sorry, not available for Android tablets at this time). This software allows you to annotate on your tablet like a digital whiteboard, and includes background colors, patterns, grids, and maps that allow you to create hand-drawn presentations and graphics. The app allows you to insert and manipulate images, and includes annotation options like pens, brushes, highlighters, and shapes. You can record your annotations with audio from within the app, and export or share the presentation or videos. The Doceri app is a free download for iPad, and costs $4.99 for Windows.

Doceri Desktop is the application that we have installed on the smartclassroom computers. This application allows the Doceri app on your tablet to connect with it, giving you remote control of the computer from your tablet. You can use your finger or a stylus on your tablet as a mouse to open files, folders, or webpages on the computer. You can take a snapshot of anything on the computer screen and annotate over it, open Doceri presentations that are saved on your tablet, or create new presentations in real time.

Connecting Your Tablet to the Smartclassroom Computer

First, make sure you have downloaded the Doceri app to your tablet, and that you have wifi signal through UCInet mobile access, Eduroam, or your telephone service provider.

  • 1. Login to the smartclassroom computer with your UCInetID and password.
  • 2. Start Doceri Desktop (find the program in the start menu or in the Utilities folder)
  • 3. Accept the software license agreement
  • 4. Create a password (Note that it already pre-selects your username -UCInetID- since you used that to login to the computer. Remember your password, as you will have to type it again on your tablet.)

  • Now the Doceri “Connection Dashboard” with a QR code should pop up

  • 5. Open the Doceri app on your tablet
  • 6. Select “through a computer”
  • 7. If the camera on your tablet doesn’t automatically start, touch the camera icon in the lower left hand corner
  • 8. Point your camera at the QR code on the computer monitor
  • 9. Type your Doceri password (the one you entered in step 4 above)
  • 10. BOOM! Your tablet is connected to the smartclassroom computer.

Connection Notes

All subsequent connections to that smartclassroom computer will be much quicker, as the app keeps a record of all the machines you have successfully connected to in the past. Rather than entering passwords or taking a picture of the QR code you can simply select the computer to connect to (usual format: SC[bldg abbrev.][room#]; i.e. SCSSH100). You must be logged in to the computer with your UCInetID for this to work.

Even if you stop your session, Doceri Desktop will remain active and ready to resume your session quickly until you:
A) specifically close the program from the lower right toolbar, or
B) log off of the computer.

Projecting to Your Class Using Doceri

  • 1. Connect your tablet to the smartclassroom computer using the directions above
  • 2. Use the touchpanel on the lectern to turn on the projector and select “PC” as your input source

Now everything visible on the computer monitor (like your Doceri annotations) will also be projected on the screen. You can turn on the projector first if you’d like. Just remember that you can press “video mute” if you don’t want your audience to see the QR code process.

Disconnecting from the Smartclassroom Computer

  • 1. Close the presentation and exit the Doceri app on your tablet
  • 2. Close Doceri Desktop on the computer
  • 3. Log off of the computer! (This is an important step! Always log off the computer when you are done with your class.)

Specific Functions Within Doceri

You’ll find out the most about Doceri simply by playing with it on your tablet. There are a set of icons across the top that are described below, but please explore the app or visit doceri.com for more detailed information.

  • Projects Folder displays all your Doceri projects. Hitting the “plus” in the bottom left will open a new project.
  • Record allows you to view your previous recordings or begin a new recording. This will capture all annotations you make on your tablet as well as the audio through your tablet’s microphone function.
  • Pen Icon toggles between computer control mode and annotation mode. When you tap the icon it turns blue, takes a snapshot of whatever is on the computer screen, and allow you to annotate over that snapshot.
  • Backgrounds will let you select a pattern, color, or customize a background over which to annotate. Options include graphs, maps, music staffs, and more.
  • Resume will let you resume annotations in your last open project

  • Once you’re in annotation mode, you have another set of icons:

  • Pen Icon will take you out of annotation mode and back to mouse control of the computer
  • Image allows you to place an image from your camera or photo library into your project
  • Export lets you share the current image or project
  • Pen Tools - Tap to select from one of the default options, or press and hold the button to adjust size, color, line style, shape options, or eraser options.
  • Undo/Redo - these will delete or re-draw the last annotation you performed
  • Windshield Wiper will erase all annotations on the current slide

Annotation Notes:
Doceri does not allow integrated Microsoft annotation features within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Rather, Doceri takes a snapshot of whatever was on your computer screen and allows you to annotate over that snapshot.



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