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audience response technology at uci

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Support Contacts:
UCI - OIT Classroom Technology Support
smartclassrooms@uci.edu, (949) 824-8833

i>clicker - support.iclicker.com
support@iclicker.com, (866) 209-5698


    If your class is using Canvas:
    You must register your clicker through your Canvas course space. The instructor has to enable this integration so that you see an i>clicker link in the course navigation. You should only need to register your remote once per quarter through Canvas, even if you are using it in multiple classes. Registering your clicker through Canvas does not incur the fee charged when using a second-hand clicker. This is only good for courses using Canvas as the LMS, however.

    If your class is not using Canvas:
    You must register your clicker on the i>clicker website: http://www1.iclicker.com/register-clicker/. Use your 8-digit UCI student ID # in the student ID field. This will allow your instructor to match your responses with your name. If you’re using a pre-owned clicker, there is no need for the previous owner to unregister, but there is a one-time fee of $9.99 to register the used remote under your name. If you make a mistake registering, just register again - the correct information will take precedence and you will not be required to pay the fee again. If you have an issue and believe you should not have been charged, please email support@iclicker.com and they will make sure no one pays who should not.


    You may need to change your clicker frequency to match the base receiver in the classroom. Please be familiar with the directions located here: How Do Students Change The Frequency On Their Remotes?

  • The i>clicker base receiver must be plugged in, and often a session must be started before you will be able to change your frequency.
  • An original i>clicker remote always defaults to frequency AA when first turned on, so do not turn it off during your class once you have turned it on and set your frequency.
  • An i>clicker2 remote automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity, but when you turn it back on it will remain on the last used frequency.


    It is recommended that you use Energizer, Rayovac, Eveready or another brand name battery in your clicker. Duracell (and some generic brand) batteries cause a problem in the device due to differences in the dimensions on the inside of the remote and the positive battery terminal that keep the two from making contact.

    Good batteries should last around 200 hours of class time.


    Some instructors will enable the use of mobile devices instead of or in addition to using physical clickers in their courses. If your instructor enables REEF Polling, you will be able to log in via your computer (using a browser), or with the REEF app on iOS or Android. The app itself is free, but you must pay for a subscription. Current pricing is $9.99 for 6 months, $15.99 for one year, $21.99 for two years, and $31.99 for four years.

    If you previously had an account for i>Clicker GO, your login/password and any remaining balance on your account have been transferred to your new REEF account.

    To create a REEF Polling account, visit https://www1.iclicker.com/students-get-started/ or download the app for iOS or Android (app coming Fall 2015). Creating an account automatically starts a free 14-day trial subscription. Please use this trial period to make sure REEF will work for all of your i>clicker classes before purchasing a subscription, as it is not possible to receive a refund after you purchase a subscription.

    NOTE: All new i>clicker remotes will now ship with a complimentary digital access code for REEF Polling. Students can use this code to try REEF for one quarter at no charge.

    Once you create your REEF account, you do not need to do anything else to register. Just be sure that your account has the following profile information:
    Email: Use your UCI email address
    Student ID: Your 8-digit student number (NOTE: When you sign up on the website, it says your ID # is optional, but it is required to properly sync with UCI’s gradebook.)

    At the end of your trial, should you decide to purchase a REEF subscription, you can do so in a variety of subscription lengths using your credit card online or through in-app purchase with your smartphone or tablet; this subscription includes an unlimited number of courses.


  • Wifi connections tend to work better than 3G or 4G wireless data connections through your carrier. When you connect with wifi, make sure you are choosing UCI mobile access.
  • Disconnect from any previous tasks such as watching a movie or playing a game, etc… (anything requiring large bandwidth)
  • Refrain from downloading large amounts of data (not related to the class) and/or performing computer or social media updates during the class. Discontinue these activities immediately prior to the start of class.
  • Disable wifi on your device until getting to your seat. (Some devices may want to latch onto the first access point they see upon entering the room, even if you move to the other side of the room right next to a different access point)
  • If your wifi doesn't have a particularly strong signal at your seat, get up and move to another seat.
  • If you have problems before starting REEF, turn off wifi on your device and then turn it back on to re-establish the best connection.
  • Turn off or disable wifi on all mobile devices other than the device you are using for REEF. (Cell phones are additional devices connecting to the wireless network.)
  • If you have problems during a REEF session, log out and log back in again. If your cellular or wifi connection is not stable, it is possible that REEF could "hang" without acknowledging that I have started a session. Logging out and logging back in again can "reset" REEF's connection settings so that your device recognizes that a session has begun.
  • Always be prepared to record your answers on paper in the event of technology related issues.



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