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Support Contacts:
UCI - OIT Classroom Technology Support
smartclassrooms@uci.edu, (949) 824-8833

i>clicker - support.iclicker.com
support@iclicker.com, (866) 209-5698

User Community - talkclickers.com



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  • SmartClassroom i>clicker Bases (pdf)
  • Please let CTS know if you want to use clickers in one of the red rooms, as we can install a base station for the quarter.
  • CTS will not give out base stations because of the possibility of interference with other installations.

  • Philosophy & Policy
  • Think about what you really want to achieve by using audience response technology. Are you interested mostly in encouraging attendance, fostering engagement and class participation, or in using the technology for scored quizzes?
  • What level of attendance is expected; or what percentage of a final grade would you assign for participation and/or correctness of answers? Do you have a participation threshold where you will award or withhold points?
  • Create a policy for students who have an absense, forget their clickers, or experience technical problems during class. We recommend dropping a few of the lowest scores over the course of the quarter.
  • Consider whether or not you will allow students to use the mobile application REEF Polling, and let your students know in advance.
    NOTE: Please consult with OIT-CTS on this decision, as wireless network coverage varies from classroom to classroom.
  • Create and publicize a deadline for students to register their clickers on iclicker.com.
  • Explicitly state that bringing a fellow student's clicker to class is considered cheating.

  • Best Practices
    We do not recommend i>clicker for high-stakes assessment due to the potential for issues with hardware, software, batteries, input error, forgotten clickers, or other problems. Students also often worry about whether or not their answer has been received, so using clickers for something like a final exam could have a negative effect on their performance due to additional anxiety.

    Related to this distrust about inputting answers via clickers, there is the question of grade disputes. It is easy to show a student that she filled in the box for C when the answer was A, whereas showing the student her voting history on an i>grader report -- even though the voting mechanism is extremely reliable -- is perceived as less concrete.

    The higher the stakes, the more likely these sorts of classroom management issues will pose a problem. For these reasons, while i>clicker is great for short in-class quizzing, we cannot recommend that it be used for a final exam.

    Checklist - If You Decide To Use i>clicker For Your Course
  • Gather all the materials you need: the latest software v.7, a blue instructor's remote (if desired), and any quick start guides or best practices information located here, on the iclicker.com website, or that came with the software download.
  • Follow this checklist to enable i>clickers in your EEE Canvas course space:
  • Decide if you will allow your students to use their smart devices and/or laptop to vote with the REEF app instead of a physical i>clicker remote. There are multiple considerations to this decision including the wireless network coverage in your classroom, so please discuss with OIT-CTS before you come to a decision.
  • Tell your students ahead of time that i>clicker will be used for their course. Do this through an email to the entire course roster.
  • Add i>clicker information and instructions to your syllabus.
  • Confirm that the bookstore has ordered the proper number of student remotes for your course enrollment.
  • Attend a training session held by OIT-CTS (eee.uci.edu/workshops/) or by i>clicker online (iclicker.webex.com).
  • Incorporate i>clicker questions into your lecture using the application of your choice: PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe, Word, Notepad, XML, etc.
  • Create an i>clicker course for each course in which you will be using i>clicker.
  • Set your course preferences from the Settings section of the i>clicker application welcome screen. You must repeat this step for every course. Be sure to enable the instructor remote (if you wish to use one) on the General tab and set your scoring options on the Scoring tab.
  • EEE users: Input student rosters for each class into the roster.txt file within the Classes folder. See the section below for detailed step-by-step instructions for inputting and syncing rosters.

  • Syllabus Template
    Instructors are welcome to use the document below as a guide for their i>clicker-based course syllabus. Included is information students should know about registering clickers, changing frequencies, battery recommendations, and REEF best-practices.
    i>clicker Syllabus Template (docx)

    REEF Polling (mobile device) Use - Consult With CTS First
    REEF Polling is an app that can be downloaded to a student's smartphone, tablet, or laptop, turning that mobile device into a response tool. REEF subscriptions are available in 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, or 4 year increments, and cost less than the physical clickers. Students should be encouraged to take advantage of the free 14 day trial that comes with every REEF account. If, for whatever reason, the app does not work for them in your classroom, they can cancel their subscription and use a physical clicker instead.

    The decision to allow digital polling with REEF is entirely up to you. This application, along with many other current audience response systems, relies on the campus wireless network. Some classrooms and buildings have had their wireless infrastructure enhanced in recent years, but there are many spaces where a large number of wireless devices connecting to the network at the same time may cause problems. We recommend consulting with OIT-CTS before making the decision to adopt REEF Polling or other wireless solutions for your particular course.

    If you do allow REEF Polling:
  • You must enable REEF responses for each of your courses within the i>clicker software. As part of this process, you will need to set up an account with REEF with a login and password.
  • Instructors should discourage/forbid web surfing, watching online videos, and other network intensive wifi activity during REEF polling.
  • Students will have to learn how to solve occasional connection problems. If they have trouble, the usual fix is to turn off wifi on their device and then turn it back on once they are seated in the room.



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