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audience response technology at uci

all information now available at:

Support Contacts:
UCI - OIT Classroom Technologies
(949) 824-8833

iClicker - support.iclicker.com
(866) 209-5698

General Information
Audience response systems can be used to:

  • provide immediate feedback on student understanding
  • create an interactive and fun learning environment
  • improve attentiveness during lecture
  • encourage class attendance, discussion, and participation

There are many audience response technology options, and new solutions are coming to the market every year. UCI currently suppports the use of iClicker on campus. With established relationships between Classroom Technologies, the University Registrar, EEE, and the Hill, we are able to ensure a high level of support for and availability of iClicker products.

iClicker base stations are located in almost every general assignment smartclassroom. See the full list here: SmartClassroom i>clicker Bases (pdf)

If a class wishes to use iClickers in one of the 14 rooms without a base, simply inform OIT-Classroom Technologies and we can install a base station for the quarter. (Note: We will not give out base stations because of the possibility of interference with other installations.)

For all current clicker information, please visit sites.uci.edu/clickers



Office of Information Technology

OIT Classroom Technologies
3200 Anteater Learning Pavilion
University of California, Irvine • Irvine, CA 92697
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