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audience response technology at uci

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Support Contacts:
UCI - OIT Classroom Technology Support
smartclassrooms@uci.edu, (949) 824-8833

i>clicker - support.iclicker.com
support@iclicker.com, (866) 209-5698

General Information
Audience response systems can be used to:

  • provide immediate feedback on student understanding
  • create an interactive and fun learning environment
  • improve attentiveness during lecture
  • encourage class attendance, discussion, and participation

There are many audience response technology options, and new software based solutions are coming to the market every year. UCI currently suppports the use of i>clicker on campus. With established relationships between Classroom Technology Support, the University Registrar, EEE, and the Hill, we are able to ensure a high level of support for and availability of i>clicker products.

i>clicker base stations are located in almost every general assignment smartclassroom. See the full list here: SmartClassroom i>clicker Bases (pdf)

If a class wishes to use i>clickers in one of the 14 rooms without a base, simply inform OIT-CTS and we can install a base station for the quarter. (Note: CTS will not give out base stations because of the possibility of interference with other installations.)

To use i>clicker, instructors download the software from iclicker.com, and students purchase a remote or "clicker" from the UCI bookstore or another source. Students must register their clickers at iclicker.com, and instructors can match student ID numbers from their roster with clicker registrations. Physical clickers can be used for the entire career of the student at UCI.

A new option exists for students to purchase the REEF Polling app, turning smartphones, tablets, or laptops into response devices. This is not currently available for all classes or rooms, so instructors are strongly encouraged to consult with Classsroom Technology Support before allowing use of REEF Polling or any other wireless network based audience response solution.

For information and ideas on effective use of audience response technology in your lecture, please contact the Center for Engaged Instruction, or visit the following links:

Educause - Clicker Resource Guide
University of Michigan - Teaching with Clickers

In the Summer of 2015, i>clicker came out with a new product called REEF Polling (see http://reef-education.com/), replacing their former i>clicker GO product. Please note that all instructors who wish to allow student responses via mobile devices will need to use either the latest version of the i>clicker software (v.7), or the REEF Education instructor application. Version 6 of the software may still be used as long as all students will use a physical clicker for their responses.

For direction and advice on which product might work best for you, please consult with us!



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OIT Classroom Technology Support
3070 Anteater Instruction & Research Building
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